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Keep full control of all of your data with Sysgem's self-hosted and secure remote access tools for system admins and help desk experts.

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 Sysgem Sysman Access Gateway Product fo


A self-hosted, secure and controlled remote access tool for Windows workstations, laptops and servers — inside or outside network boundaries    

 Sysgem SysMan Remote Control Product fo


  A powerful tool for remotely controlling (end-user) devices across your enterprise network while remote desktops and terminal server sessions are completely under admin supervision

 Sysgem Sysman Utilities Professional Pr


An advanced remote administration tool that offers extensive management capabilities on servers and end-user devices in the network 

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 Sysgem Sysman Access Gateway Product fo

Retain full control of sensitive data with self-hosted and secure remote desktop access to Windows systems - within or outside of your network.


Whether you have IT help desk staff that require easy access to end-user computers during support sessions, or remote workers that need to use their office workstation from home or on the road, Sysgem Access Gateway can accommodate you. From instant One-Click connections with infrequent users to persistent sessions that can be accessed at any time, Access Gateway is designed to work the way you need it to.

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Secure & Independent

Flexible without restrictions

Accountability & Full Audit Trail


  • Remote control of Windows desktops without network boundary restrictions

  • Retain control and oversight of remote sessions without exposing your data or users to a service that you do not control

  • Connect to sessions using short, unique access codes

  • Create persistent sessions that can be connected to as often as needed

  • Non-persistent sessions are ideal for IT staff to give help and support to users when required

  • Save lists of frequently used persistent connections for easy selection and reconnection

  • IT staff can browse lists of active sessions and search for users awaiting assistance

  • Connect to unattended computers (e.g. servers, or workstations where no one is logged in) via persistent connections

  • Allow multiple viewers in a session or enforce a single viewer only

  • Control access to your Access Gateway using account IDs and passwords; enable/disable anonymous connections as required

  • Use multiple Access Gateways on a single network and/or use connections to Access Gateways on multiple networks

  • Full audit trail: sessions logs with usage history shows duration of sessions along with details of viewer and target


 Sysgem SysMan Remote Control Product fo

A powerful tool for remotely controlling end-user devices and servers across your enterprise network.


Securely access remote desktops and terminal server sessions and retain full control of all of your data. 


With only a few intuitive clicks, administrators and help desk personnel can easily connect to remote desktop sessions on the active enterprise network.

Simplify with Sysgem _5x.png


Remote Access & Control

Independent Control of Data

Customizable Notifications

RC Server Configuration Management

Terminal Services

File Transfers

Remote Shutdown & Reboot

Audit Log


Shared Sessions

Live Chat

External Programs/ Utilities Support


  • Hosted entirely on your network, you remain in full control of all of your data - providing full independence from 3rd party vendors

  • Initiate attended or unattended connections without interference on end user’s session

  • Optionally set up a remote control server to offer users connection requests with timeout and default response functionalities

  • Customizable notifications for incoming connections allowing incognito mode if needed

  • SysMan remote control server supports simultaneous sessions from multiple remote control clients

  • Chat functionality within active sessions

  • Transfer files between the local and remote machine in either direction through an intuitive file browser window

  • Multi-platform: Connect to other operating systems like Linux, MAC OSX, and Unix (assuming a VNC server is installed).

  • Use SysMan Remote Control to participate in an active terminal server (MSTSC/RDP) session, without interrupting the session of the currently remote logged on user

  • Maintain and configure Remote Control Server installations across your network. Optionally perform management over multiple Remote Control Servers, on multiple machines at once

  • Maintain and apply various Remote Control Server configurations in customizable templates

  • Run and review the output of DOS/BATCH commands on target remote systems while archiving all outputs in the audit log

  • Support external programs and utilities with predefined and configurable shortcuts


 Sysgem Sysman Utilities Professional Pr

A self-hosted remote administration tool offering extensive and centralised management capabilities over multiple administrative consoles and users.


With SysMan Utilities Professional Edition includes and extends the functionality of SysMan Remote Control for securely connecting to end-user devices as well as centralised administrative remote control.

Simplify with Sysgem _5x.png


Centralized Administration

SysMan User Management

Ingegrated Reporting

Custom Delegation & Access

Audit Browser

Customizable workflows

SysMan Remote Control

SysMan Explorer

Integrated Active Directory® 



  • The SysMan Utilities console puts remote management of all your Windows machines at your finger tips. Day-to-day maintenance and troubleshooting becomes much easier as it can be initiated from a single console, rather than through the typical cumbersome process of opening multiple windows and using multiple Windows tools.

  • Permissions and preferences of all SysMan users are all kept at the central SysMan Authorization server. From each connected SysMan client, a SysMan user will find and be able to manage the same personal preferences, list of manual connections, favorites, labels and stored credentials

  • Multiple SysMan user accounts are managed centrally in the management console 

  • Assign configurable access permissions and delegate distinct management responsibilities through profiles and tokens

  • All management actions are archived by SysMan in the audit log for browsing and reporting

  • As a central starting point for all remote machine management and maintenance, the multifunctional SysMan Explorer window gives the administrator an intuitive and easy way of browsing and searching the Active Directory® and enterprise network.

  • Define manual connections, maintain various sets of machines in labels and favorites, and apply (vertical and horizontal) filters on components which are to be shown or hidden in the SysMan Explorer itself.

  • SysMan’s exporting capability allows all outputs (including Audit Log data) to be exported in various formats, including HTML, Excel, Word, text and email

  • Target multiple devices simultaneously to perform (required maintenance) tasks

  • Locate computer entries in the enterprise network

  • Easily find objects in Active Directory ® from the same screen

  • Group Computer entries by labels and create favorites

  • Save work sets in sessions for user-specific customised workflows

  • Securely access and control end-user devices and servers remotely across your enterprise network with the integrated SysMan Remote Control and retain full control of all of your sensitive data without 3rd party interference

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