Sysgem Account Manager for Windows, Unix

Sysgem Account Manager offers a centralized solution for IT and help desk teams to administer network-wide accounts on Windows, Unix/Linux, OpenVMS, IBM i, databases and custom applications while guaranteeing accountability with a full audit trail.

Sysgem Account Manager (SAcM) is part of the Sysgem Enterprise Manager (SEM) and can be used together with SEM's other application modules such as Sysgem System Manager and File Synchronizer.

Available as a desktop application and accessible anywhere with our Virtual UI using any web browser.

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SAcM Features

Sysgem Account Manager (SAcM) is a comprehensive and multi-platform identity and access management (IAM) solution for organizations of any size. By uniting modern and heritage environments, SAcM enables admins to manage user accounts across a wide variety of operating systems, databases and end-user layered applications — all within one centralizing screen. 

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Cross-Platform User Account Management

Consolidated User Account Analysis

Inter-systems Password Management

  • Identify all machines in a multi-platform network and extract all connected accounts with all their attributes creating a complete dynamic repository of an organization’s connected user accounts

  • Add, delete, modify and update user accounts, privilege levels, login data, group access, quotas and more individually, systematically and in bulk actions across all connected platforms, databases and layered or internal applications

  • Full sysadmin password management toolkit


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Delegation & Access Control

User Account Lifecycle Management

Group Policy Enforcement and Change Management

  • Grant and manage least privilege access to team members according to platform type, machines, user groups, individual users and their attributes

  • Reduce and mitigate security risks associated with the user account lifecycle in an organization

  • Enforce group membership standards across all required platforms, databases and (layered) applications

  • Define specific templates for roles and enable Help Desk / Administrator / Supervisor modes

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Intelligent Reporting

Accountability and Security Management

Your Customizations

  • Intelligent reporting tools to obtain a snapshot of accounts at any point in time or identify, analyze and highlight differences over time (such as accounts with increased privileges)

  • Use the integrated subscriber database for increased data consistency and security

  • Easily manage team member access to the central audit trail browser

  • Fully customizable  SAcM feature set including modification of existing scripts and integration of new scripts in a central repository of customizations