Multi-platform log file data management


- across Windows, UNIX/Linux, OpenVMS and IBM i as well as your layered applications. Available as a desktop application and accessible anywhere with our Virtual UI.

 Sysgem Logfile Concentrator for Windows


Lofile Database

Unified Source of Windows Event Logs, Syslogs, OpenVMS Audit Journals & SNMP Traps Management


Automated Archiving & Reporting

Customizable Record Displays & Advanced Querying

Audit Trail & Compliance Management

Intelligent Alarms & Real-time Alerts

Ensuring security and compliance of an organization’s IT infrastructure necessitates effective log data and configuration management. This can become a challenging and time-consuming task for organizations relying on a complex combination of modern and legacy system environments. 


Sysgem’s Logfile Concentrator is a comprehensive Windows-based tool to integrate streams of log file data from multiple sources in one single centralizing location. Log data is collected from remote multi-platform servers and (end-) devices, then stored in a central database for analysis and regulatory compliant archiving.


Identify security risks with intelligent parsing and filtering tools as well as automated reporting and customizable user-defined alarms.


While records are displayed in a user-customizable display as they are generated, a full web browser interface enables remote access. 


Remote log files include Windows Event Logs, UNIX/Linux Syslogs, OpenVMS Audit Journals and SNMP Traps while common ODBC databases (such as MS SQL, Oracle and MS Access) are also supported.

As part of the Sysgem product family, Logfile Concentrator can be used stand-alone or complementary to our flagship product Sysgem Enterprise Manager (SEM) to secure a comprehensive system management toolset across your organization’s entire IT environment.