OpenVMS Customer Success Stories

Sysgem’s products have been in use for over 20 years around the world.
From Fortune 500 companies to SMBs, government institutions and IT outsourcing partners, read more about the organizations that have trusted Sysgem.

See how Sysgem helps organizations keep their mission-critical systems and applications running on OpenVMS.

“Sysgem is the only product that is dependable enough and works with OpenVMS to monitor our critical systems. It is extremely flexible and does everything we need including monitoring different functions within the same cluster that require notification to different groups.”

Nation-wide healthcare retailer, USA


“Sysgem Enterprise Manager has become an invaluable tool for us, with our need to keep our OpenVMS systems running 24/7, across US and Asia, with a very small staff. We originally purchased Sysgem for the File Synchronizer capability to satisfy our requirement to periodically synchronize files between servers, mostly to synchronize files from a primary server to hot failover secondary and tertiary servers. Without Sysgem file synchronization, we would have had to purchase other more expensive tools or develop our own DCL scripts or manual procedures.

Once we purchased Sysgem, we started learning the other capabilities of the software that have added much more capabilities to our abilities to manage our OpenVMS servers. Specific features that have really helped us stay ahead of issues before operations are impacted:

  • The Windows-based File and Directory Explorer allows interaction with the OpenVMS disk using a familiar Windows Explorer style interface. The specific feature that allows a deep directory structure to be deleted with one click has saved countless hours alone

  • The performance management displays have given us details of system performance that we could have never seen before. Particularly the performance graphs have allowed us to identify some user batch jobs that were poorly written and hogging the system at 9am every morning for over 60 minutes. We have been able to adjust our system load across sergers very confidently now

  • The VMS Queues Explorer allows us to monitor batch queues with much easier-to-use visual displays. We can see all batch jobs across all queues on all servers, in scheduled sequence, something not possible with DCL commands.

  • The highly configurable alarm capability now allows us to be notified when print queues stall or batch jobs ‘hang’. We had batch jobs that would stop and hang for days because they were trying to FTP a file to another server and the connection to the remote server was down. Now, if the job takes too long to complete, Sysgem sends an email alert. This basic capability that Sysgem can monitor the OpenVMS server and send email alert for specific situations is going to be invaluable”

Semiconductor manufacturer, USA


“The disk space monitor has saved several instances on our servers — potentially saving operational holdups, many hours of cleanup and reprocessing work, and most importantly avoiding nighttime or weekend support calls.”

Aerospace manufacturer, USA

“Sysgem is installed locally and has a small agent running on all of the remote servers with 35 sites dotted all over the UK. Sysgem enables me to do user account management on all of those servers remotely with one screen. Sysgem is simple to install, simple to set up and incredibly easy to use. So straightforward and so quick. I can look after so many user IDs in so many different locations — so easy to do, thanks to Sysgem.”

Retail insurance technology provider, UK