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Flexible and modular tools for monitoring and managing systems, administering user accounts and auditing security in one single screen - 

across Windows, UNIX/Linux, OpenVMS and IBM i

Now accessible in full functionality with SEM's Virtual UI using any web browser.

 Sysgem Enterprise Manager for Windows,

SEM Application Modules

SEM offers the three core application modules Sysgem System Manager (SSyM), Sysgem Account Manager (SAcM) and Sysgem File Synchronizer (SFiS) which all run via the SEM framework 

 Sysgem System Manager SSyM for Windows,


 Unite, simplify and integrate core system administration solutions across a multi-platform environment  

Sysgem Account Manager for Windows, Unix


 Unify user account management across a multi-platform, multi-application environment  

 Sysgem File Synchronizer for Windows, U


Manage the controlled distribution and deployment of configuration files across infrastructure

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SEM Features

UNITE with Sysgem_5x.png


SIMPLIFY with Sysgem_5x.png


INTEGRATE with Sysgem_5x.png


  • Full visibility of your system’s hardware and software capacity usage with intelligent alerting and analysis to prevent operational holdups, cleanup and reprocessing work - reducing your organization’s reliance on its IT help desk and sysadmin teams

  • Identity and Access Management (IAM) tools designed not only for managing standard users’ identity and access but also to inherently control, track and safeguard privileged access across an organization’s network infrastructure

  • Decrease security threats and protect your organization’s digital assets and their management with least privileged access management

  • Streamline and secure the performance and health of your heterogeneous and integrated IT infrastructure independent of its heritage complexity with automated monitoring and reporting functionality

  • Ensure full audit and regulatory compliance with cross-platform configuration management

  • Manage, monitor and secure administrative access of MSPs and IT outsourcing vendors to your organizations

  • Equally supporting heritage (legacy) IT environments critical to your organization’s operations by simplifying traditionally high-skilled and complex administration, adaptation and development work

  • Accessible as a desktop application or anywhere with our new SEM virtual UI

 Sysgem Enterprise Manager Architecture
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