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Sysgem File Synchronizer for Windows, Un

Sysgem File SafeGuard offers a centralized solution for automated, distributed (configuration) file management supporting UNIX/Linux and OpenVMS among other platforms while guaranteeing accountability with a full audit trail.

As part of the Sysgem Enterprise Manager (SEM) software suite, the functionality of Sysgem File SafeGuard (SFiS) can be integrated with other SEM application modules to enable its comprehensive system management toolset across your organization’s entire IT environment.

Available as a desktop application and accessible anywhere with our Virtual UI using any web browser.

Discover everything you can do with SFiS!

Sysgem File SafeGuard (SFiS) runs interactively, and now also runs in background mode -  monitoring, updating and/or reporting on text files on target UNIX / Linux and OpenVMS systems.


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Sysgem File SafeGuard Features

Sysgem File SafeGuard (SFiS) provides a complete and secure environment to build a central store,  automated synchronization and safeguarding of source (configuration definition) files which automates the distribution and continuous synchronization of target (system) files across all connected machines.


Server-specific differences in configuration files on separate systems while enforcing corporate policies accordingly can easily be managed from one single centralizing screen.

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Infrastructure Library

Configuration Management

Change Management & Version Control

  • Centralize configuration files at source in the SFiS source file repository 

  • Flexibly control, manage and compare server-specific file variants, changes and updates to configuration files across the network from a central location

  • Enforce corporate policies across the network and give flexibility to file updates. Integrated shell commands defined by the customer and embedded in the central source files perform actions on remote servers immediately prior to and/or immediately after a configuration file is updated

  • While all changes are recorded in the audit log, all generations of source files are retained in an archive folder where previous versions can be viewed and restored

SIMPLIFY with Sysgem_5x.png


File Distribution & Deployment

Backup Management

Access Control & Delegation

  • Ensure a centralized and protected depository of source configuration definition files for automated backup management; automatically detect and view all conflicts between file instances across network

  • Control and configure the distribution and deployment of target files with intelligent displays of discrepancies between the central source definition and target file and synchronization of updates with a single click.

  • Synchronization can also be automated and scheduled with pre-set safeguarding settings as a Service Display

  • Access to the central repository, SFiS and all individual features can be controlled per user according to privilege levels

INTEGRATE with Sysgem_5x.png


Centralized & Automated Monitoring

Intelligent Alarms & Reporting

Integrity Control, Accountability & Audit Trail

  • Set up automated monitoring protocols with integrated reporting, intelligent alarm and real-time alerts to streamline and ensure the integrity of distributed (configuration) files across the network

  • Record all actions taken by individual users to source files or target systems in a central audit trail database whereby all past events can be reviewed, analyzed and included in reports in the integrated SFiS audit browser

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