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SysMan Utilities Standard Edition

Easy-to-use, flexible, advanced remote support and administration software.

SysMan Utilities is an advanced and user-friendly remote administration tool that offers extensive management capabilities on servers and PCs in your network.

It includes SysMan Remote Control.


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Remote Administration Tool V2 (Standard Edition)

  • Free 30-day trial
  • Licensed per SysMan user (unlimited client install)
  • No activation required
  • All-in-one single console management
  • SysMan Explorer with multiple computer select capability
  • External Utilities Support
  • Vertical and Horizontal Filtering
  • Save work sets in Sessions
  • Audit Log Browser
  • Advanced Exporting Capabilities
  • Remote Command Tool
  • Includes SysMan Remote Control 

Easy-to-use, flexible, advanced remote support and administration software.

SysMan Utilities is an advanced and user-friendly remote administration tool that offers extensive management capabilities on servers and PCs in your network.

All-in-one Single Console Management

The SysMan Utilities console puts remote management of all your Windows machines at your finger tips. Day-to-day maintenance and troubleshooting becomes much easier as it can be initiated from a single console, rather than through the typical cumbersome process of opening multiple windows and using multiple Windows tools.

Includes SysMan Remote Control

Use SysMan Remote Control to remotely drive PC and server desktops across your enterprise network. Remote desktops and terminal server sessions are completely under your supervision. Without having to leave your desk, SysMan Remote Control allows you to perform remote assistance and administrative tasks, as well on attended as on unattended machines. 

Seamless end user support

SysMan Utilities makes communicating with and providing support for end users easy. Remote assistance can be provided while remaining at the local desktop, without any interference with the end user's session.

Easy upgrade path to SysMan Utilities Professional Edition

Should time or circumstances ever demand it; you can easily upgrade your SysMan Utilities Standard Edition license into SysMan Utilities Professional Edition for extensive possibilities in shared system administration.

Download or Purchase Sysgem SysMan Utilities Standard Edition 



Features and Screenshots 1

Tools and Utilities

SysMan Explorer

As a central starting point for all remote machine management and maintenance, the multifunctional SysMan Explorer window gives the administrator an intuitive and easy way of browsing and searching the Active Directory and enterprise network. Define manual connections, maintain various sets of machines in labels and favorites, and apply filters on components which are to be shown or hidden in the SysMan Explorer itself.


Large (and growing) collection of tools

SysMan holds a large collection of built in tools and utilities which can be used to perform remote management on a selection of computers.

Vertical Filtering

With SysMan Utilities, you can apply a filter to isolate only the rows that match a specific set of the criteria (vertical filtering). Most embedded displays come with a predefined set of filters and column layouts, which can all be customized to your unique needs. In addition, you can easily create, export and share your own customized filters with other users.

Horizontal Filtering

With SysMan Utilities, the column layout can easily be refined to reveal the significance of the retrieved data (horizontal filtering). Most embedded displays come with a predefined set of column layouts, which can all be customized to your unique needs.

Advanced Exporting Capability

SysMan’s unique exporting capability allows all outputs (including Audit Log data) to be exported to a friendly form in various formats, including HTML, Excel, Word, text and email.

Target multiple computers at once

Select multiple computers and perform simultaneous maintenance on the multiple selection. Rather than requiring repeated actions across multiple nodes, simultaneous actions on a multiple selection is a guaranteed saviour of your valuable time.

Locate Computer Entries in the Enterprise Network

SysMan can easily locate and highlight computer entries based on name or computer comment.

Easily find Objects in Active Directory

From the Active Directory root or any container and subcontainers, locate User, Group, OU or Computer objects based on any listed Active Directory field. Optionally save your search as a custom filter for later usage.

Group computer entries by labels

Every computer entry can be assigned one or more labels to allow grouping and easy categorizing. Maintaining categories of computers contributes to fast and multiple computer selections on general maintenance tasks.

Favorite Computer entries

SysMan holds a special ‘Favorite Connections’ group which allows quick navigation to the computers which are targeted most often.

Save work sets in Sessions

SysMan’s exclusive Saved Sessions feature allows combinations of tools that have been opened and connected to specific machines to be saved in their running state and subsequently restarted at a single click of the mouse. Active filters and customized column-layouts that have been applied to the tool windows are saved and restored with each of the saved sessions.

Audit Browser

All management actions are recorded by SysMan in an Audit Log. As such, each transaction in the Audit Log provides details of when the action was performed, whether it succeeded and any possible changes that were made by it. All transactions are available for subsequent browsing and reporting.

Features and Screenshots 2

Remote Control

Initiate connections attended or unattended

The Remote Control server can optionally be set up to post a connection request to the user sitting behind the desktop, before a connection is initiated. The connection request set up can be given a timeout and default response (acceptance or rejection).


Either show or hide active connections

By default, the SysMan RC server notifies on incoming connections. These notifications however can be disabled, should circumstances ever demand it.

Shared Sessions

A SysMan Remote Control Server (the machine where you connect ‘to’) supports simultaneous sessions from multiple Remote Control clients (the machine you connect ‘from’), thereby handing you more possibilities such as giving presentations, attending conference meetings and a helpdesk user calling a colleague for participation in a remote assistance session.

Chat Messages

The user of SysMan and the logged in user of the remote target machine can send each other text messages in a chat window.

File Transfer

Transfer files between the local and remote machine in either direction through an intuitive file browser window.

Connect to Linux, OSX and others

The RC Client can alternatively be instructed to connect over plain VNC and therefore supports connections to other Operating Systems like Linux, MAC OSX, and Unix (assuming a VNC server is installed).

Terminal Services and Remote Desktop sessions support

Use SysMan Remote Control to participate in an active terminal server (MSTSC/RDP) session, without interrupting the session of the currently remote logged on user.

SysMan RC Server Manager

Maintain and configure Remote Control Server installations across your network. Optionally perform management over multiple Remote Control Servers, on multiple machines at once.

Remote Control Server Configuration Templates

Maintain and apply various Remote Control Server configurations in customizable templates. A default set of templates is included in the standard kit.

Remotely shutdown or reboot

SysMan can easily initiate a clean shutdown or reboot on the a single or selection of remote machines in the enterprise network

Remote Command tool

SysMan offers the ability to run and review the output of DOS/BATCH-commands (like 'ipconfig', 'netstat -a', 'dir c:\*.*') on the target remote system or consecutively on multiple systems. As with all other SysMan tools, executed commands and their output are automatically archived in the Audit Log.

External program/utilities support

Define and maintain parameter supported shortcuts to external programs to be initiated from SysMan Explorer, targeted to the selected computer. All settings will be stored in the SysMan library. SysMan comes with a predefined default set of shortcuts (Computer Management, TeamViewer and DameWare MRC), which can be initiated straight away (provided that the actual software is installed), or can be used as examples to build your own.



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