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SysMan Utilities Free Edition

Free for commercial and non-commercial system management of remote Windows machines

The Free Edition has only a few restrictions compared to the paid-for SysMan Editions. It can be used commercially & non-commercially.

It is suitable for single administrative consoles in small environments.

For example; It is limited to a maximum of 5 nodes to be managed remotely, does not include Sysgem Support, nor supports Active Directory object management tools (it does support browsing the Active Directory though). For a list of limitations on the Free Edition, please consult the Feature Comparison Table below.


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See how the SysMan Utilities Free Edition can benefit you, with a free fully-functional 30-day trial:


You may also want to view the SysMan documentation.


Remote Administration Tool V2 ( Free Edition)

  • Free for commercial and non-commercial use
  • All-in-one single console 
  • Support for External Utilities 
  • Vertical and Horizontal Filtering
  • Save work sets in Sessions
  • Audit Browser
  • Advanced Exporting Capabilities
  • Remote Command Tool
  • Includes SysMan Remote Control

Easy-to-use, flexible, advanced remote support and administration software.

SysMan Utilities is an advanced and user-friendly remote administration tool that offers extensive management capabilities on servers and PCs in your network.

All-in-one Single Console Management

The SysMan Utilities console puts remote management of all your Windows machines at your finger tips. Day-to-day maintenance and troubleshooting becomes much easier as it can be initiated from a single console, rather than through the typical cumbersome process of opening multiple windows and using multiple Windows tools.

Includes SysMan Remote Control

Use SysMan Remote Control to remotely drive PC and server desktops across your enterprise network. Remote desktops and terminal server sessions are completely under your supervision. Without having to leave your desk, SysMan Remote Control allows you to perform remote assistance and administrative tasks, as well on attended as on unattended machines. 

Seamless end user support

SysMan Utilities makes communicating with and providing support for end users easy. Remote assistance can be provided while remaining at the local desktop, without any interference with the end user's session. 

Easy upgrade path to SysMan Utilities Standard or Professional Edition

Should time or circumstances ever demand it; you can easily upgrade your SysMan Utilities Free Edition license into SysMan Standard Edition to get rid of the Free Edition limitations, or even into SysMan Utilities Professional Edition for extensive possibilities in shared system administration.

Restrictions of the Free Edition

As compared to the Standard Edition, the Free Edition has:

  • A restriction on the number of remote managed machines
  • A limitation on the number of tools available: e.g. no support for Active Directory object management; no Remote Command
  • No formal technical support (submission of Forum questions only -

Download or Purchase Sysgem SysMan Utilities Free Edition 

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Frequently Asked Questions

Frequently Asked Questions about SysMan FREE Edition

Some major questions might come to mind when hearing about free software.
The FAQ list below is meant to shed some light. Please read on to learn more.

Does the FREE Edition hold advertisements?

No, we do not do advertising in our software.

As a FREE Edition of commercial software, does this edition comes with restrictions?

The Free Edition holds a few limitations compared to the paid-for SysMan Editions. The limitations would concern the different usages for SysMan. Are you a frequent SysMan user, managing over 5-10 machines in your network, and from various client workstations as well ? Then SysMan Standard Edition or Professional Edition might be a better fit to your needs. The Free Edition is optimized for single administrative consoles in small environments. For example: it is limited to a maximum of 5 nodes to be managed remotely; it does not include Sysgem Support; it does not support Active Directory object management tools (it does support browsing the Active Directory though).

How do I get it, can I just download it from a site and start using it?

The FREE Edition software is available for download at the download page and also from the general download sites, like CNET and Tucows. It will initially start up in a 30 day Standard Edition trial mode.

Just as with any other SysMan Edition license, the FREE Edition requires registration for it to continue to work beyond the 30 day trial period. Registration of the Free Edition comes with no costs whatsoever.

When you install the software you have a choice: you can either instantly register for a FREE Edition license; or optionally make use of the entire trial period to fully explore all Standard Edition features first. That's totally up to you. After the trial period has expired, the SysMan Client needs a license to be able to continue. To acquire a FREE Edition license, please go to our registration page. Upon completion of the registration form you will be send a personal FREE Edition license in your mailbox. You only need to import the license in the SysMan client to make it active.

Ok, so I need to register for a license. Does that mean I will be spammed with lot's of mails that I don't want?

No, we don't intend to annoy you with spamming. We might occasionally send you an email, for instance to make you aware of important updates. If you don't want us to send you any mail at all, you can easily unsubscribe as well.

So I have a FREE Edition, which means I'm not entitled to Sysgem support. Can I still ask questions or report possible bugs?

Yes, you can. We have set up a forum ( where all SysMan related questions can be posted. A forum response is not guaranteed to be answered quickly by our support staff (in contrast with support on paid-for licenses) but we do intend to have posts treated on a best effort basis. We are especially interested in possible bugs and even if you're running a FREE Edition we would welcome feedback from you. SysMan is continously being developed and we intend to add functionallity, ease of use and fix any possible bugs on further release. Your feedback is therefore very important to us.

What if I want to upgrade to the Standard Edition after I have registered for the Free Edition?

Just go to the "Where to buy" page and contact a distributor to buy a license. You will be issued with a new license which you simply import into your existing installed software. So you don't need to reinstall, and you don't loose any saved settings. The new license will turn on those features you were missing in the Free Edition and it will remove the restrictions that apply to the Free Edition.


Download a full featured evaluation kit from a list of available products.

Run the product under a trial license for 30 days before deciding to proceed. 

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