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Password Synchronizer

Multi-Platform Password Synchronizer

Password changes are intercepted on user's Windows accounts and propagated through the network to their accounts on other platform servers such as UNIX, Linux, OpenVMS, AS400, or to other Windows domains and local accounts on Windows servers.

An optional rules database can be configured to block specific accounts or type of accounts.


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The Challenge

In a large computer environment maintenance of user account passwords is very time-consuming and as a result expensive.

Users often have accounts on many computers and the requirement is for the same username/password on these systems. When the password is changed on one system it should then be changed on other systems.

The Solution

Sysgem Password Synchronization intercepts password changes and uses a rules database to propagate the new passwords throughout the computer environment.

Key Features and Benefits

  • An automated 'set and forget' solution.
  • Simple configuration using the Sysgem Enterprise Manager.
  • Any combination of account names and computers is supported.
  • Supports third-party applications such as ORACLE.
  • Easily extended - using simple scripts written in Perl and your host system's standard scripting language such as the Korn shell on UNIX and DCL on OpenVMS.

Companion Products

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Supported Environments


  • Windows 
  • UNIX/Linux
  • OpenVMS
  • OS/400

Layered Applications:

  • If there is a command line (shell) interface or a documented API to an application, then the application can be supported.


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