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Multi-Platform System Management

Multi-Platform System Management from a Central Console

Connect to Sysgem distributed multi-platform servers and gather an abundance of categorised configuration data. Sort, filter and take reports on displayed data and manage those systems in an intuitve fashion.

Customise the system to add your own configuration commands using the command language of the target systems.


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The Challenge

Have you ever known a system manager with time to spare? Computer system management is an essential part of your organization's operations and your system managers are, no doubt, overstretched. They need the best tools available so they can do their jobs properly and efficiently. 

The Solution

Sysgem System Manager (SSyM) is a multi-platform system management product that provides solutions to your day-to-day system management needs. Its distributed software 'agents' run on all major platforms and its central 'management console' (GUI) runs on Windows. SSyM uses a client / server architecture to execute scripts on target systems under the control of the central management console. It provides a wide range of distributed system management functions that can be further extended by customization at the central location.

Existing functionality or new customer-specific options can be easily integrated into the product using the separately available Sysgem Development Manager (SDeM) Module. 

Key Features and Benefits

SSyM, makes it easy for you to:

  • Manage multiple remote servers
  • Monitor system & network performance
  • Monitor / start / stop / suspend processes & services on remote systems
  • Monitor CPU utilization, disk capacity and I/O rates
  • Manage multi-platform queues using a graphical user interface; drag and drop jobs between printers; and stop or start queues on remote systems
  • Analyze event & audit logs
  • Develop your own Monitor & Management Displays, to monitor and manage remote multi-platform systems to your own specification

Key features include:

  • A Multi-Platform File and Directory Explorer, which allows you to write your own scripts and menu options to work on multi-platform files and directories
  • Disk Trending
  • A Virtual Desktop that enables you to remotely access Windows; UNIX/Linux; OpenVMS systems anywhere in your network
  • Disk Trending
  • Interactive Command Scripts, so you can keep a central library of your own command scripts - written in the native command language of your remote systems - and select and run these scripts on multiple remote servers
  • A Telnet Manager, with scripted access to remote UNIX/Linux and OpenVMS systems

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Detailed Features

File and Directory Explorer

This feature provides you with an expandable display of directory trees and filenames for the entire file store on remote systems, regardless of platform type. Menu Options include:

  • Edit, which allows you to edit files on your remote Windows / UNIX/Linux / OpenVMS system with the local work-station editor
  • Delete
  • Rename
  • Create a text file on remote systems
  • View file properties
  • Find multi-platform files and folders using extensive search criteria, including filename, content, owner and date last modified, as well as attributes such as last accessed date and not modified since date, etc.
  • Filter the display
  • Customize the explorer menus to perform actions on remote Windows / UNIX/Linux / OpenVMS files.

Interactive Command Scripts

This feature enables you to run scripts interactively on remote multi-platform systems without having to log into an account on that system.

Virtual Desktop

If you can only solve a particular problem when you are logged into a system, then one of SSyM's Virtual Desktop options will satisfy your needs. Use the Remote Desktops option to remotely connect to the GUI desktops on your multi-platform servers anywhere in your network. Alternatively, preset Telnet sessions to automatically connect to designated systems, have the option to run scripts to log into those systems, and even automatically run operating system command scripts in those sessions.

Monitor & Management Displays

SSyM has a set of displays that monitor specific system management attributes, across multiple platforms, and across the entire customer network. The information is displayed and refreshed at regular intervals. And you can take corrective action to modify data or the operational status of remote systems. These functions can also be customized or complemented to meet your specific customer needs using the Sysgem Development Manager Module.


Machines and Ping

SSyM enables you to monitor the availability of a selected set of machines using TCP / IP Ping. If you wish, it can also raise an alarm when machines become unavailable, or network response times become too long, etc. In addition, it monitors the availability of Sysgem software agents and allows the system time of remote systems to be synchronized.

NT Event Log Displays

These displays provide you with a constantly refreshed summary of the recent event log entries on a selected list of NT servers. They can also be set to alert you when selected events occur on any of the systems being monitored (e.g. by sending an email or running scripts when these events happen). And by archiving records, you will have a permanent summarized audit trail of the selected events captured in the monitor window.

VMS Audit Journal Browser

The audit journal from a selection of VMS servers is summarized in a display window covering a selected period of time. The resulting display can be sorted, filtered, and extracted to any of the standard report formats, such as HTML, text files, Excel spreadsheets and mail, etc.


The UNIX SYSLOG entries are captured and displayed from a selected set of UNIX Servers. As with all SEM display windows, these displays can then be filtered, sorted and extracted in standard report formats.

CPU & Disk Monitoring

A range of displays enable you to monitor performance, including:

  • CPU Loading
  • DISK I/O loading
  • Disk Usage
  • VMS Shadow Sets

Queues, Jobs, Processes and Services

The SSyM makes it easy for you to monitor and manage multi-platform queues, jobs, processes and services, etc. It has all the functions you need to be in control of your enterprise-wide systems activities, including start/stop queues; pause/ resume/re-queue jobs; and monitor/suspend/ reprioritize processes and services.

Sysgem Component Monitoring

  • SEM Server Files
  • SEM UNIX Security Keys
  • SEM UNIX Server Configuration

Disk Trending

With SSyM, you can:

  • Capture disk storage statistics from target systems
  • Analyze and record 'Trending Data' in central repository
  • Define Trending Filters by users, by groups, by partitions, by directories, by folders, by files and by file types, etc.
  • Search a trending data repository, select and report on stale and orphaned data, multiple copies of the same file, or files that have not been backed up, etc
  • Produce reports and graphs of trends over time

... and much more ...


Supported Environments


  • MS Windows 
  • NetWare
  • UNIX/Linux
  • OpenVMS
  • OS/400

Layered Applications:

  • MS SQL Server
  • Sybase


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