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Logfile Concentrator

Log File Concentrator

Collects log file data from remote multi-platform servers and stores the data in a central database. A browser provided with the product accesses the database; filters data and raises alarms when specific events occur.

Remote log files include Windows Event Logs, UNIX/Linux Syslogs, OpenVMS Audit Journals, SNMP Traps.


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The Sysgem Logfile Concentrator is a Windows-based multi-domain, multi-platform, multi-protocol solution.


  • Concentrates Logfile records from multiple remote (multi-platform) servers into a central database.
  • Archives records for long-term storage (Sarbanes-Oxley compliance).
  • Displays records as they are generated in a user-customisable display.
  • Creates web reports using a scheduled job - the reports typically required by managers and auditors. Sample web reports from the Sysgem test servers are available here.
  • Generates user-defined alarms (SMS, E-mail, notifications) when specific criteria are met.
  • Full web-browser interface for remote access.
  • Runs as a lights-out solution.
  • Supports common ODBC databases such as Microsoft SQL Server, ORACLE and Microsoft Access. 

Logfile record formats currently supported

  • Windows Event Log
  • Syslog (UNIX, network devices)
  • SNMP Traps (all platforms, network devices)
  • OpenVMS Audit Trail (HP Integrity Server {Itanium}, AXP and VAX)
  • Other formats (such as OS400 XE "OS400" Message Queue) will be available in a later release, please contact your distributor or Sysgem for release dates.

Logfile Concentrator console monitoring Windows event logs

Alarm definitions include

  • Matching criteria using any combination of field values.
  • Assigning alarms to individual users.
  • Thresholds – criteria must be met [x] times in [y] seconds before the alarm actions are triggered.
  • Minimum repeat intervals – don't trigger the actions more than once every [y] seconds.
  • Cut and paste - copying a Logfile Concentrator entry to the clipboard, then pasting it into a new alarm definition.

Alarm actions include

  • Sending E-mail,
  • Sending SMS,
  • Playing sound files,
  • Network messages (NET SEND...),
  • Text-to-Speech,
  • Windows Management Instrumentation (WMI) scripting.

Alarms Manager Console

Download or Purchase Sysgem Log File Concentrator





  1. Takes just a few minutes - install the Windows kit and start the user console.
  2. Uses Microsoft Access by default – see the power of the Logfile Concentrator without installing another database product,
  3. Archiving runs in the background as a set-and-forget Windows service.

A typical configuration is shown below.

The main installation is on a Windows 2000 (and higher) system where a database such as Microsoft SQL Server or ORACLE is available. Although you can use Microsoft Access be aware that there is a maximum database size with Access of 1GB or approximately 200,000 logfile entries. It is recommended that you install on a Windows Server.



Download a full featured evaluation kit from a list of available products.

Run the product under a trial license for 30 days before deciding to proceed. 

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