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Sysgem Access Gateway

Self-hosted remote desktop access to Windows systems

Sysgem Access Gateway provides a secure solution for remote control of Windows systems, either inside your network or across the internet, whilst retaining full control over your sensitive data. The self-hosted service can be managed entirely in-house with no need to rely on third-party servers or security.

Whether you have IT helpdesk staff that require easy access to end-user computers during support sessions, or remote workers that need to use their office workstation from home or on the road, Sysgem Access Gateway can accommodate you. From instant One-Click connections with infrequent users to persistent sessions that can be accessed at any time, Access Gateway is designed to work the way you need it to.

Typical Configuration



  • connect to sessions using short, unique access codes

  • create persistent sessions that can be connected to as often as needed

  • non-persistent sessions are ideal for IT staff to give help and support to users when required

  • save lists of frequently used persistent connections for easy selection and reconnection

  • IT staff can browse lists of active sessions and search for users awaiting assistance

  • connect to unattended computers (e.g. servers, or workstations where no one is logged in) via persistent connections

  • allow multiple viewers in a session or enforce a single viewer only

  • control access to your Access Gateway using account IDs and passwords; enable/disable anonymous connections as required

  • use multiple Access Gateways on a single network and/or use connections to Access Gateways on multiple networks


  • evaluate it in our Evaluation Center for 7 days

  • free 30-day trial on your own site

  • product is licensed for the number of concurrent active sessions – choose any value for the maximum active sessions limit

  • increase your active sessions limit by buying more licenses at any time

Auditing and Accounting

  • usage history shows duration of sessions along with details of viewer and target; these can be used as a basis for accounting

  • session logs show audit data (e.g. when sessions started and ended, who was connected)


  • remote control of Windows desktops without network boundary restrictions

  • retain control and oversight of remote sessions without exposing your data or users to a service that you do not control

Download or Purchase Sysgem Access Gateway

We have various evaluation offerings for Access Gateway, including pre-configured Test Rooms or 30-day free trials in your own environment. To find out more, or to contact a distributor, please use the options below.

Evaluation Center Where To Buy

Main Features

The sections below illustrate various features of the Access Gateway.

Feature Screenshots 1 - A Help Desk Example

1. When a User Needs Assistance

1a. Starting the Remote Connector

A user may need assistance with their workstation when they are in the office and online via an internal network or are away from their office and connected over the Internet.

In either case they can run the “Sysgem Access Gateway Remote Connector” on their workstation to make a connection to a registered Access Gateway.

They then call the Help Desk on the telephone and give the access code displayed in the Remote Connector window.


2. The Help Desk Responds

2a. Using SysMan Explorer

The Help Desk use the SysMan Explorer window to select the appropriate Access Gateway and double clicks on the menu option "Current Sessions".


2b. Identifying the User's Gateway Session

A list is displayed of all the current sessions connected to the Access Gateway and the Help Desk picks the required one, identified with the Access Code supplied by the user.

Entries that have users waiting for assistance are highlighted with an amber background.

The amber highlighting is automatically turned off when the Help Desk connects to the user's session so that other Help Desk operators can see who is being attended to and who still needs help.


2c. Connecting to the User's Desktop

The Help Desk operator double clicks on the entry in the Current Session window to connect to the user's desktop via a SysMan Remote Control window.

The Help Desk operator has full control of the user’s system and both the user and the help desk operator can interact with the desktop.

When the session has been terminated, the entry is automatically removed from the Current Sessions window.


Feature Screenshots 2 - Types of Session

3. Persistent and Non-Persistent Sessions

3a. Options when Starting a Session

The person starting a new Access Gateway session can decide whether it should be a temporary session, to be discarded when the session closes, or a ‘persistent’ session that will continue to exist after it has been used - even if the user logs out of Windows.

A persistent session has a name and an access code to uniquely identify it for subsequent use.

Persistent sessions are a very convenient way to connect to Windows servers in a company network and can be re-used on any number of occasions.


4. Single or Multiple Viewers

4a. Further Options when Starting a Session

Access Gateway sessions can be set to allow only a single person to view / control the desktop, or they can be set to allow multiple people to connect. The option to allow either single or multiple viewers can be set as a default per user for when new sessions are created, but can also be changed for individual sessions if needed. Other options such as displaying a session timer and displaying the amount of data transmitted, etc are available as default settings.


Feature Videos

What is Access Gateway?

55 secs


Sysgem Access Gateway Express Demo

2 min 7 sec


Using SysMan Remote Control with Sysgem Access Gateway

5 min 40 sec


Installation and First Use of Access Gateway and SysMan Remote Control

10 min 02 sec


You can also view instructional videos or read the Access Gateway documentation to find out more:

Documentation Videos


Download a full featured evaluation kit from a list of available products.

Run the product under a trial license for 30 days before deciding to proceed. 

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