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About Sysgem


About the Sysgem Team

Sysgem AG is a computer technology and software development company based in Switzerland.

Sysgem Distribution BV is a software distribution and support company for the Sysgem products based in the Netherlands.

The founding members of our company are proven providers of IT enterprise management solutions. We have worked together since 1992, specializing in developing software products for use in large corporate networks. Our expertise centers on developing software tools that enable centralized management of:

  • Distributed networked systems
  • User account management
  • User password administration and synchronization
  • System management and administration
  • Remote control of Windows desktops
  • Applications on multi-platform environments
  • Security auditing and monitoring.

The company's Sysgem Enterprise Manager product suite is an IT management solution of the newest generation and is marketed through a distribution network that spans the world and concentrates on large organizations in both the private and public sectors.

The company's SysMan product suite is a system management and remote user management solution of the latest technologies and is marketed through a world-wide network of partners.

Our Mission

It is our mission to understand our customers' e-Business and IT challenges, and to enable them to gain competitive advantage by providing versatile, powerful IT management tools for monitoring and managing systems, administering user accounts and auditing security, which above all are simple.... simple to install, simple to manage, simple to customize and have a low cost of ownership.

The Sysgem Service Offerings

In addition to software products, Sysgem provides services to effectively implement and deploy enterprise-wide IT management solutions. Complementary service packages provided by Sysgem and its authorized partners form a complete professional services solution:

  • Sysgem's Implementation Services staff can either roll out the available out-of-the box solutions for you, or else specify together with you solutions tailored to your specific needs/environments and then develop and implement those solutions for you.
  • Sysgem's Consulting and Training Services staff can not only consult and train you on how to use the available out-of-the-box functionality of SEM & SysMan, but also enable you to develop and implement your own solution concepts based on SEM. Because of its open architecture, SEM's standard functionality is easily extended or modified. SEM makes it easy and fast for you to develop your own special applications.

For more details on our service offerings, please see the Services page.

Sysgem's Support Services

Sysgem's support staff provides a two-tier customer service worldwide:

  • 1st level local country support is provided by Sysgem's subsidiaries or authorized partners.
  • 2nd level worldwide support is provided by Sysgem to assist with those problems or questions that are unable to be resolved locally.

For more details on our support services, please see the Support section.

Contact Sysgem

To contact Sysgem please see the Where to Buy section or the Contact Support section.



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If you need further information about any of our products or services, please send email to

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