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Free Express Demo

Take our Express Demo right now to see Access Gateway in action!

Download the Demo One-Click Connector and One-Click Viewer and run them on two Windows computers. No need to install anything. Nothing is left behind on either computer when you're finished.

If you'd like to see what's involved before running anything, view the video below.

One-Click Connector icon

The One-Click Connector runs on the computer you want to view and control.

It generates a short numeric access code that will be needed in order to establish a remote control session.

Download One-Click Connector


One-Click Viewer icon

The One-Click Viewer runs on the controlling computer.

By entering the correct access code you will be able to view and control the computer running the One-Click Connector.

Download One-Click Viewer


You can try the Express Demo as many times as you like and there is no requirement to provide us with any contact details or to register for an account. However, each session is limited to a maximum of five minutes. To remove this restriction, please check the options in our Evaluation Center.


Express Demo Video


Watch the Video

See the Express Demo in action. The video lasts 1 min 41 sec.



Next Steps and More Information

For more information about Access Gateway or the Express Demo, please see the resources below.

Extended Demo

Next Steps - Extended Demo and Other Evaluation Options

After trying the Express Demo, why not take a look at our Evaluation Center for more demonstration and trial options including an Extended Demo (without the five-minute session limit), our Test Rooms and self-hosted evaluation options.

Evaluation Center

More Information

Learn More about Access Gateway

Find out more about Access Gateway and the benefits it can bring your business in our Products section.

Learn More



Download a full featured evaluation kit from a list of available products.

Run the product under a trial license for 30 days before deciding to proceed. 

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