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Deploying SysMan RC Server using Active Directory

The SysMan Remote Control Server service can be deployed through Active Directory using Group Policies.
If you're planing to do this, then please consult the procedure below for reference.


This article is classified as being on experimental basis. Which means the information below is based on internal case-studies performed by our test-department. It might (or might not) lead to future implementations to be embedded in the software later. Comments are very welcome and can be reported at Be aware that the below is not guaranteed to work, nor is it thoroughly tested. Use and implement at your own risk and approval.

Step 1. Create an administrative installer

Using MSIEXEC, we can create an administrative installer for distribution.
On a machine with SysMan installed, open a command-prompt and start the administrative installer:

Code: Select all

msiexec /a <full-path>\SysManRCServer.msi


If the command-window prompt is not in the folder where SysManRCServer.msi resides, then be sure to either include the full-path to the SysManRCServer.msi file (Example).

The above command automatically creates the following:
  • The administrative installer: C:\SysManRCServer.msi.
  • The package content in C:\Sysgem AG.
Copy both the installer and package to a share accessible by all computers in the domain (Example).

Step 2. Configure SysMan RC Server settings

The RC Server settings are held in SysgemRC.ini inside the 'Sysgem AG\SysMan Remote Control Server' folder (Example). You can either update this file manually, or copy a SysgemRC.ini file from another SysMan RC Server installation (preferable). If you decide to copy settings from an existing SysMan RC Server installation; then from the machine where the RC Server is installed, grab the file in the '<install path>\Sysgem AG\SysMan Remote Control Server' folder and copy it to the same folder in the administrative installer share (overwrite the existing SysgemRC.ini file).

Step 3. Deploy the MSI package through Group Policy

Set up a Group Policy Object in Active Directlory to assign the RC Server MSI Package to the target nodes.

How to:
  1. Create software-install package GPO as normal and assign SysManRCServer.msi (Example).
  2. Assign the GPO to the domain and security-group where the to-be-installed machines reside in (Example).
  3. Restart a machine which falls in the category of the assigned software-install GPO.
  4. This should automatically install the SysMan RC Server with the predefined settings in SysgemRC.ini.


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